At Structured Concepts, we specialize in SQL Server development and performance tuning, as well as technical training for users and developers. Because SQL Server is what we do all day, it’s what we do best. It’s our core belief that a consultant should be a hired professional who can help you with a specific technical challenge.

When our job is done, you’ll have a robust solution along with the skills and the confidence to take over.



Hire a SQL Server consultant

We develop things…

When it comes to T-SQL development, we’re at the top of our game. We’ve been providing our clients with robust ETL processes, future-proof data models and lightning-fast transactional processing for decades.


Performance review

We make things go fast…

Performance is at the heart of everything we do. A few days of targeted performance tuning could very well push the looming cost of a hardware update several years into the future. And what’s more, a well-performing database solution will scale better and work better with your existing infrastructure.



… and we’ll show you how.

Don’t become reliant on consultants to keep your operation running smoothly. In our world, the consultant is a hired expert – a specialist contractor that gets a specific task done. And one that can show you how it’s done going forward.


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