Choose from our popular online training (in swedish), learn performance tuning on-site, or let us design a custom training class, tailored to your database environment and requirements.

Either way, our training is familiar, friendly and cost-effective.

Performance tuning (2 days on site)

Get comfortable with execution plans and learn how SQL Server execute queries. In this two-day workshop, we’ll cover the skills you need to troubleshoot slow or long-running queries, but we’ll also look at how you can redesign your solution to run faster.

Included: 60-page printed material, lunch, coffee and snacks as well as limited-time e-mail support.

 Central Stockholm
  SEK from 25 000 / € 2500 pp.
 Intermediate/advanced developer/DBA

A great choice for the busy developers/consultants.

  • Performance tuning Highlights:
    • Logical and physical execution order
    • Reading and understanding the execution plan
    • Analyzing query performance
    • Indexing strategies
    • Window functions
    • Parallelism
    • Query hints
    • Blocking, locks and deadlocks
    • Working with In-memory OLTP
    • Delayed durability
    • Columnstore indexes
  • Tailor the education to specific pains and goals
    * Learn in the environment where you’re going to apply the knowledge.
    * Get answers you can relate to.
    * Leverage your training instantly.

    Typically, we’ll work with you to analyze your environment and tailor the materials to your specific pains and goals. Before we start, you’ll get a quote with one price for compiling the class materials, and one price for the actual sessions. With the finished material, you can order new classes based on these materials as many times as you need.

Terms and conditions

Classes are full-day events, typically between 9 am and 4 pm, and include lunch and coffee breaks.

All prices are per participant, excluding VAT. Classes are invoiced in advance, payable in 30 days net.

Cancellation policy: 30 days or more in advance: full refund. 14 days in advance or more: 50% refund. No refunds within 14 days. You can give your seat to another participant at any time for whatever reason. When ordering, please double-check the prerequisite equipment you need to bring, the recommended experience level, as well as the language (swedish or english) for each class.

Customized training classes are billed monthly at an hourly rate, and are non-refundable.

Structured Concepts retains the copyright of all course materials, although each participant gets a perpetual, non-exclusive, non-transferrable license for personal use of the course materials.